InDo X70 - 57 cm

InDo X70 - 57 cm


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Finally a way of practicing those hard to nail scoot tricks with some trampoline assistance - The Indo Trampoline Scooter

Let us just start by saying that you won't be cruising anywhere on this puppy since it is not like your regular scooters - You know with wheels and such. Instead, the Indo is purpose-built for use indoors and especially for trampoline use.

Tech Features:

Don't worry about the cloth on your trampoline - Since this deck made entirely out of a foam material protecting both shins, ankles, etc., and also the surface you use it on

The width and t-shape of the bar is very similar to the setup found on most pro scooters, making it easy to transition into doing the newly learned tricks on your real scooter

This setup is super lightweight as it does not hold nearly as many parts as a normal scooter, which also helps make your first tries with a specific trick far easier

InDo the trick scooter is a light-weight trampoline scooter for tricks on trampolines and for indoor play.

You can use In-Do scooters on trampolines of all sizes and even make flat tricks on the floor.

In-Do scooters have patented foam decks that are safer and do not damage the mat of your trampoline.

The size of the trick scooter (height 57cm) fits best children around 7 to 14 years. Note that there’s a larger version coming – don’t forget to revisit our site for more information on that.

Learning new tricks with Indo scoots is so much fun! For more photos and videos, check out Indo’s Instagram.

Included in the package are:
– Deck
– Handlebar
– Grips
– Manual

Technical details

  • Handel bar, height 57cm & width 43cm
  • Weight 0,95 kg
  • Package size 60cm x 20cm x 5cm
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